Sallee Photography has been a long standing and reputable studio in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area for over 14 years.  JB and DeEtte Sallee are the heartbeat of the business.  A married team who have both been full time photographers for the entire 14 years, investing 60+ hours per week each to their clients and to grow their small business.  Early in their career they became known for innovative wedding imagery.  The accolades, both locally and internationally, came in for their wedding images and wedding albums.  Soon they were asked to speak to other photographers.  They gave seminars all around the country to other photographers wanting to learn what they do.  Today they still share their knowledge with other photographers but their true passion remains in creating those stand out, impactful images for their clients.  Over the last few years, they have branched out to include Family Portraits, Children Portraits and other eventful portraits for others in addition to their wedding photography.


Jb and DeEtte are proud to call their business a small mom & pop studio.

They take no more than 20 wedding commisions a year in addition to their family/children and portrait work.


They have a beautiful family that consists of three amazing little girls!  Yes, 3 daughters!  They hope that their long years in the wedding industry will pay off when the girls start getting married.