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Boudoir Photography Album
Monday, March 21, 2016
Boudoir Photography Album

We hope you enjoy this new Boudoir Album (assembled by Queensberry) To set up your own boudoir session with Sallee Photography please click here to contact the studio and mention "Facebook Fan" to receive a discounted session fee. 

Halloween Boudoir Special
Friday, October 23, 2015
Boudoir Photography Album

Get Your BOO-DOIR on  Sallee Photography is now offering a boudoir special for Dallas just in time for the holidays.  The fall is the perfect time to take these once in a lifetime portraits.  Gift boudoir portraits to your spouse, loved ones or keep them for yourself!  Every woman deserves to have a photography session photographed to show their softer and romantic side and/or dark and sexy side. Do not worry if your body is not where you would like it to be.  Dallas based Sallee Photography is known for their use of light and their photoshop editing skills.  They can hide or embrace any part of yourself that you love or could care less about.  ;)  This boudoir special can be photographed anyway that you desire.  Your session can be dark and mysterious or it can be kept light and fresh.  Please browse through the gallery of boudoir images on the site by visting this tab: Sallee Photography Boudoir^^^(click the link above to see more boudoir images) For more information and to book this boudoir special please email: This special is only for a limited time with a limited amount of sessions available. HURRY and get your BOO-DOIR on!